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Booklist by Age

Reading is for everyone!

Books for Babies

Baby reading E=mc squared in parent lap. photo Credit to

0-12 months

Two young children lay on their backs looking up at an open book. Photo Credit to

 12-24 months

Two African American girls, one wearing a gray sweater, one wearing pink look down at books in their laps. Photo Credit to U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Kaylee Dubois/Released


Young brown haired child with big brown eyes looks at camera. He is holding a chalkboard.


One girl in a Finding Nemo shirt shares a book with a child that looks to be a younger brother.

Chapter Books to Share (K)

Graphic Novels/Comics (K)

Non-Fiction (K)

 1st Grade

Girl with braids reads in library. Photo Credit to U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Samuel Morse

Chapter Books to Share (1)

Graphic Novels/Comics (1)

Non-Fiction (1)

2nd Grade

Stock photo of pale boy with brown hair and red shirt reading a large book next to a globe and a box of markers

Adventure (2)

Fantasy (2)

Graphic Novels/Comics (2)

Humor (2) 

Mystery (2)

Non-Fiction (2)

Realistic Fiction (2)

3rd Grade

Boy with brown skin, black hair, blue polo shirt reads book in a library

Adventure (3)

Fantasy (3)

Graphic Novels/Comics (3)

Humor (3) 

Mystery (3)

Non-Fiction (3)

Realistic Fiction (3)

4th Grade

Girl with pink hijab reads book in a classroom setting

Adventure (4)

Fantasy (4)

Graphic Novels/Comics (4)

Humor (4)

Mystery (4)

Non-Fiction (4)

Realistic Fiction (4)

5th Grade

Stock photo of smiling girl in pink shirt with black hair and smiling boy in yellow shirt. Both appear to be reading in a classroom setting.

Adventure (5)

Fantasy (5)

Graphic Novels/Comics (5)

Humor (5)

Mystery (5)

Non-Fiction (5)

Realistic Fiction (5)